The Best 10 Real Money Online Casinos

With so many providers, you can quickly lose track of things. For our readers, we have summarized the best online casinos in a list:

They differ in some things, even if, for example, in all offers usually slot machines are available. Online casinos in particular are becoming increasingly popular, while many scenic game halls and casinos are closing.

We have also thoroughly investigated many other casino sites that receive US players for our online casino comparison. On our website you will find more than 215 recommendable Internet casinos that have passed our site.

As a new casino, Captain Spins has already made a name for himself and inspires his players with a huge welcome bonus, reputable game developers and 24/7 support. Also lucrative are the 260 free games!

Meinolf Spohler: A Welsh in USA-Meinolf has gone away and can not be confused by supposed good websites. Critically, our technology specialist questions the quality of the pages, the performance and, of course, loading times. In the editorial office, Meinolf is the typical resting pole, which always keeps a cool head in stressful situations.

In the case of payouts, a prepaid card such as paysafecard or instant banking methods such as Trustly, instant bank transfer or giropay usually does not work for technical reasons. This can only be used for deposits. The Mastercard credit card also does not support the payment in USA, but is very popular and widespread as a payment method. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is generally seldom found. In the check, you have to consider that this is sent by post and you may have to wait one or another week. But the fastest times are the wallets, the waiting times are hardly any longer than a day. Only if it should take longer than that, you can ask for customer service. However, these often have many customers who ask where their requested amount remains.

Comfort: from the sofa from games

In 2017, new match-hates have entered into force in many federal states. As a result, many game halls would have to close. Now, if you want to be in a game hall, it's harder to get there.

Therefore, it is already valid from 15. A transitional arrangement in USA, a decision not yet valid for the time being, which includes a cult of certain companies in the sector-provided that they are prepared to comply with the clear rules laid down by the legislator. The decision was taken on 8 September 2020 and is already showing an impact. Among other things, the operators must comply with the following conditions:

So-called SSL certificates are used for the encryption of the connections. You can check for yourself whether the connection is really secure. In Google Chrome, this works by clicking on the green lock in front of the web address in the browser. Then you will see "Certificate (Valid)" and you can click there. It then opens a window with certification information and you can go from there to the exhibitor's declaration on the official website of the certification body. In other browsers such as Firefox, Edge and Safari, this process works very similar.

Online Casino Test: the evaluation criteria

In order to give the different casinos their rating according to our site evaluation system, we have introduced different test categories. This makes it easier to rate the various specialties of the casinos. Our rating categories are:

Casinos, which hold something of themselves, should not be vaccinating in the game selection. Who would eventually play in a country-based game bank, where only a handful of games to pay compensation? So it's not surprising that the best online casinos have over tens of different variants of the popular table games, as well as a huge number of different slots on offer.

Even the mobile game is no problem, just as the customer can choose between a game money mode and a real-money mode. In certain games, such as slots with a progressive jackpot, there is also a large network, which makes the jackpots especially generous.

Sales Conditions

Have you ever heard of betting conditions in connection with casinos? We'll explain it to you.

Marko H.: A great online casino where I've been happy to play for years. The machine selection is simply overwhelming, and sometimes I can't really decide what to play first. I also find the free demo versions of the slot machines, where you can gamble with really very many coins. So you can play enough before you make a deposit to win real money.

Thus, while the disappointed customers accuse the online casino fraud because the bonus has not been paid out, the providers point to the terms of the offers accepted by the players. Often it turns out that the AGB were either not read or not understood.

Examples of online casino games with high odds

The online casino payout rate is a good indication of winning chance at a provider. It indicates the average value of the percentage payout of a title. In the following we have created a list of all the categories of games with the corresponding RTP values. In this list we tell you which one is the respective casino game with the highest chance of winning and in which provider you find this title.

In USA, it was concluded that, despite the EU decision, those gambling licences do not entitle them to operate legally on the US online gambling market. This is mainly due to the fact that the US gambling black market is huge or many companies operating in the much-cited legal grey area.

Novoline is the slot machine brand of the Austrian manufacturer Novomatic, the largest gambling company in Europe. Games such as Book of Ra or Sizzling Hot are the highlights from over 400 automaton games, which you can gamble online in land-based casinos and, of course, in the casino. Here you can play Novoline games for free and find the top casinos online.

We can only remark that the personal taste always plays a role in the choice of the online casino. Our expert Jytte has worked intensively with the top 10 online slot machines.

Rubbellose, Keno and Bingo

Of course, Bingo, Keno, Rubbellose and so on are not originally from the casino market. However, they have also made a name for themselves in online casinos. Here it will never be boring, because there are numerous game variants of it and there are unbelievingly many different ways of winning a lot of money. In general you have to predict a number which is then drawn with a little luck.

Some providers also have some unusual games in stock. This can be, for example, bingo, scratch cards or lotteries. In addition, sports betting can be placed in many online casinos.

The Google Playstore generally does not allow the provision of a gambling app, which can be used to play real money. In some cases, an Android Casino app will be available to you on the website of the online casino. However, this is rarely the case due to the development costs associated with the casinos.

Among other things, the LuckyDays, SpinAway or NySpins are. In addition to the progressive jackpots, with which the famous millions of dollars can be entered, so-called Daily Drops are also available. These are somewhat smaller jackpots, but they are guaranteed to be cracked every day.

If you agree to the casino, you can click on the button in a few minutes to register with this online provider and open an account.

For comparison, the lottery is about 50% of the lottery. This means that 50% of the stakes are retained by the state lottery.

Before you try out a new game, always pay attention to the odds and the house advantage, or the RPT. Choose such games, which have a low home advantage and as high as possible payout. Watch progressive jackpots again and again to take your chance to win very high profits.